For Clients

Japan Liaison Consulting (JLC) offers a variety of ways for clients and candidates to work with us to achieve their business and professional goals. We offer Retained Recruiting, Contingency Recruiting, and Contract/Staff Recruiting to help clients and candidates meet a wide variety of needs.

Regardless of the approach, our unique culture and rigorous methodologies drive competitive advantage. We provide trusted, consultative services by “Truly Listening” and responding to the needs of our clients, candidates, and associates.

Retained Search

When time, complexity, and confidentiality are critical, many clients choose JLC’s retained search option. We understand and thrive in that industry, making us highly attractive for candidates in the retained recruitment process. Our performance-based pricing structure ensures that clients get a whole lot more than what they pay for.

Our critical difference is that our retained recruiters meet clients at the outset of the relationship and continue as the single point of contact throughout the relationship. Our retained recruiting consultants remain engaged in the process every step of the way, following through with the successful candidate long after the hire. At JLC, one person remains as your central point of contract. The result of that singular dedication is an extremely high success rate for retained search.

Contingency Search

The JLC approach to contingency recruiting drives superior business results for our clients. With our unique combination of data analytics, industry experience, recruiting expertise and consistent candid supply, we will help you find the most relevant match for your current skills and future aspirations.

We possess a national partnership network, sophisticated technology, rigorous market research, direct communications process, deep industry knowledge, and professional consultative approach, work to ensure the best possible fit between our candidates and the companies we serve. JLC will exceed your current expectations for what a contingency recruiting firm can accomplish on your behalf. 

Contract / Temp Search 

JLC relies on one of the most sophisticated and extensive networks of professional partnership contacts in the country to identify the finest short-term, professional talent available. Our staff recruiters can help you achieve your professional objectives with the same rigorous approach for shorter-term candidates as we do for permanent positions, with meaningful interactive communications.

Our work does not end with your placement.  Our Lifetime Value program employs a highly client-centric approach that emphasizes continuous improvement for our candidates and our business systems to drive success for our clients that lead to long-term relationships. 

We listen, and we truly listen. For critically important hires, getting everything right the first time is crucial for success. We listen to all of the dynamics involved in the recruiting process, ensuring that our candidates, the client’s organization (from the hiring manager to the head of HR), and our organization are all on the same page. Our recruiting associates are true business partners and career consultants. By clarifying expectations and minimizing misunderstandings at the outset, we ensure that people and organizations move efficiently through the entire recruiting process.