For Candidates

Japan Liaison Consulting brings a quantitatively different approach to the Executive Search and Development process. With a strong recruiting heritage, business talent development and client support history, we’re here to stay in a world of transient recruiting “EXPERTS”. We possess an unmatched network of multinational client contacts, sophisticated technology, rigorous market research and analytics, a holistic communications process, and deep industry knowledge. We provide and deliver quality career consulting, development solutions and best-fit career introductions to maximize your opportunities and keep you moving on an upward trajectory. We openly guarantee a continuous, constructive dialogue between you and JLC. 

Because we know that no two situations are identical, your needs are our primary concern. In today’s global arena, you’re no longer competing in a city or a region. You’re competing with candidates worldwide. If you don’t have access to information about opportunities and consultative partners that can help you maximize those opportunities, you simply won’t be able to compete.

Our goal is to be a trusted recruiting consultant for you. We will foster consistent, candid, and constructive dialogue between you and JLC — the kind of communication that engenders short-term results and long-term relationships. We will exceed your current expectations for what a trusted recruiting firm can accomplish on your behalf. We provide company information, market updates, resume preparation, and career coaching to maximize your chances of securing your ideal position.

1. We have a strong personalized approach to Executive Business Talent Search and partner with a strong network to find your best career path
2. We know the Japan Job Market and have connections to many mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies
3. We have management having over 30 years of professional experience in the field of Executive Search
4. We are a government approved and licensed executive search company
5. We operate under a strict code of confidentiality and ethics
6. We assist you with no risk or cost to yourself – you have absolutely No Risk
7. We will act as your career planner and advise you on how to market yourself successfully
8. We are one of the best executive search firms in the Japan Market


1.Career Opportunity Contact
Our contact to you will be based on referrals about your reputation gathered from other people, articles and from our research group that inform us that you have the skills and background we are searching for. Alternatively, the contact could be from you regarding a career opportunity.

2.Face-to-Face Meeting
This is to become more acquainted between you. We want to fully understand your career background, goals and objectives.

3.All for Free
We only accept fees from our clients. The service and professional advice provided to our candidates are absolutely free.

4.Resume Assistance
We deal and review countless numbers of resumes, day in day out. We will assist you in the creation of an impressive resume.

We will only send your Resume to the client you want it to be submitted.  You have full control of where your resume is sent.

6.Meeting Arrangement
After your resume is submitted to the company of your choice, we will try to arrange an interview meeting for you. Prior to your meeting, we will counsel you on how to best interview.

7.Meeting Feedback
We will gather also provide you with the feedback from the company.

8.No obligation Process
We will continue to assist and advise you through-out your job search process. You can terminate the entire procedure at anytime, and have full control over the process. No pressures and No obligation.